• Compare suddenly the skills of your applicant (blue) according to the job profile (yellow).
  • Identify strengths and weakness of your applicant on graphics.
  • Rank your finalists applicants in order of most and less adapted for the job profile.
  • Graphically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate.
  • Guide of interview with original questions to ask to rank every different skills.
  • Spot easily the important standards for each job profile.
  • Print expert report of each applicant to ease your final decision.
  • Compare easily results of the test and auto-evaluation of the applicant.
  • Compare your different finalists in relation to the job profile.
  • Applicant answers to the questions by himself.
  • Hundreds of questions are available to gauge key-skills for employment.
  • As well as questions of personality as intelligence.
  • More than 300 job standards are available to evaluate your applicants.
  • In a few clicks, adapt our job standards to your specificities.
  • Then, compare your applicant to job standards with online graphic.
  • Graphic under shape of radar is readable so easily, where applicant (violet) overlaps with job profile (yellow).
  • Accurately measure the skills of your candidates against the skills of the job...
  • And represent these skills with easy to read and understand graphs.
  • Who put immediately highlight the strengths of your candidates...
  • but also their weaknesses.
  • Results that you can use as a score.
  • Or graph easy to read and interpret....
  • You can fully configure it according to your way of working....
  • and preferences...

Friendly interface.
              Incredible performance.
                            Easiness of disconcerting use.

Our software offers a set of features, performance and reliability of the highest in the assessment. With regular updates, our analysis modules help you quickly and easily make quality assessments.

Compare our modules with other tests and will be surprised by the wealth of functionality offered by our software.

The modules included in the software :

Modules to compare a candidate for a job profile
Radar test results "Radar" Module Easily compare a candidate for a job profile
test result in rose "Rose" Module Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates for the position
pie test result "Pie"  Module Highlight the key criteria of the position
 "Donut" Module Bring out  the points to check interview
Histogram test result "Histogramme" Module All information together(test score self assessment of the candidate, job profile to make better decisions
Report modules and documents written
Expert report test results "Expert Report"  Module A written report of the expert on the candidate (not in english version)
Interview Guide "Interview" Module Interview customized guide
Test Report "Candidate Report" Module A report to be put back to the candidate (not in english version)
Expert analysis of the test results "Expert analysis" Module Expert analysis of the test results to make your own analysis
Test score "test scores" Module A text document with all the calculated information
Modules to interpret easily the results of the tests
Test result into sticks "Sticks" Module The results of the tests in sticks
Test result in Gantt chart "Gantt" Module The results of the tests in Gantt chart
test results histogram "Histogram" Module The comparison of the test results and what the candidate thinks of him( self-assessment)
Test result stacked bar chart "Stacked histogram" Module The best of the results and self-assessment of the candidate
Gauss skills test results"Gauss Skills" Module The test results in Gaussian distribution
Modules to compare several candidatess
Radar test results "Radar" Module Compare several candidates in a job profile
Test results line "Line" Module Graphically compare the adequacy of your candidates to your  business and highlight to the best candidate to the position
Gauss test result "Gauss" Module The adequacy of your job applicants in a synthetic waye
Test result pyramid "Pyramid" Module Hierarchize your candidates from the best to the weakest  compared to the position
Modules to create your own criteria( macro criteria) by combining criteria
Test result histogram "Histogram" Module The results of the macro-criteria for a quick reading
Box test result "Box Mustache" Module The results of the macro–criteria detailed reading
Result test text "Text" Module The detailed analysis of macro- criteria with the details of their composition
Module for managing job profiles and professional references
job description "Job description" Module Enjoy our 300 business with their standardization which are regularly updated
Profile Type "Profile type" Module Adapt our referens to the specifities of your business
The modules for candidate management and CV
CV candidate file "Candidate Folder" Module Manage files of your candidates by including their CV and your comments
 "Questionnaire" Hundreds of questions to assess the most important skills