• Compare suddenly the skills of your applicant (blue) according to the job profile (yellow).
  • Identify strengths and weakness of your applicant on graphics.
  • Rank your finalists applicants in order of most and less adapted for the job profile.
  • Graphically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate.
  • Guide of interview with original questions to ask to rank every different skills.
  • Spot easily the important standards for each job profile.
  • Print expert report of each applicant to ease your final decision.
  • Compare easily results of the test and auto-evaluation of the applicant.
  • Compare your different finalists in relation to the job profile.
  • Applicant answers to the questions by himself.
  • Hundreds of questions are available to gauge key-skills for employment.
  • As well as questions of personality as intelligence.
  • More than 300 job standards are available to evaluate your applicants.
  • In a few clicks, adapt our job standards to your specificities.
  • Then, compare your applicant to job standards with online graphic.
  • Graphic under shape of radar is readable so easily, where applicant (violet) overlaps with job profile (yellow).
  • Accurately measure the skills of your candidates against the skills of the job...
  • And represent these skills with easy to read and understand graphs.
  • Who put immediately highlight the strengths of your candidates...
  • but also their weaknesses.
  • Results that you can use as a score.
  • Or graph easy to read and interpret....
  • You can fully configure it according to your way of working....
  • and preferences...

A pack for your human resources needs assessment.

Whether you want to go further in your recruitment tests, or we have other types of evaluation to be conducted, the human resources pack is the solution.

Human resources pack consists of 16 modules tests that you can easily use to support your Human resources policy or pieces of advice.

Constructed in a concern for quality and performance of the human resources pack will adapt to the specifities of your project to give you more than expected.

 HR Pack for talent development